Why Us

Consider Your Options for an Electrician Tupelo MS

It’s important for you to know which company to trust. This isn’t only applicable to choosing an Electrician Tupelo MS, but it’s applicable to any contractor! Contractors have received a bad name from many people. The work isn’t for the faint of heart and typically the people who choose to do this line of work don’t have the best background. While most people might want to work in an office, inside air conditioned buildings, drinking coffee all day, there’s got to be someone to actually fix the HVAC units when they go out! Or how about when the electricity goes out?

This is why you should trust working with KIRK Electric. For some of the specific reasons why an Electrician Tupelo MS from our team would be a good fit, it’s time you reviewed this breakdown below:


Why Work With An Electrician Tupelo MS From KIRK Electric?


KIRK Electric Typical Tupelo Contractors

24 Hour Emergency Service – 

You need us, we’ll be there for you.

“When I Want To” Emergency Service – 

Typical guys will come out when it’s convenient.

No Trash or Waste. Ever. – 

We will treat your home like our home!

Some Trash and Waste – 

You’ll likely find garbage on installs and parts laying around the jobsite.

10 Year Labor Warranties – 

We offer 10 year labor warranties on all systems.

One Year Labor Warranties – 

Most are only willing to offer a one year labor warranty.

Crystal Clear Communication – We’re transparent by showing video evidence and photos of issues to customers.

“Trust My Word” Communication – 

Without photos, videos or compelling reviews, they bank on you trusting their good looks.

100% Customer Satisfaction – 

We don’t leave the job until the customer sees it works and they approve.

Get in and Get Out – 

By running from job to job, they only hope the customer likes the work.

24 Hour Emergency Service

This is a luxury in the service industry. We’re willing to say that rain or shine, night and day, we’ll be available to attend to whatever disaster has struck your home. A trusted electrician Tupelo MS will wake up and get out there to save your butt! There are plenty of contractors, if not most, that will not be willing to do 24 hour emergency service. But hey, we understand that problems can happen at any time of day and usually, they don’t occur during the convenient time of your life. Disasters are disasters partially because of the poor timing of the event!

At KIRK Electric, we want to be that company you can call on when it’s into the evening and you want this electrical problem solved now! Or how about if your heating and air unit goes out and you can’t sleep through the night because of the immense heat? These are great reasons to get a company like ours to help you out and be your lifeline in times of trouble.


No Trash or Waste. Ever.

We’ve seen too many job sites where trash and debris are left on your property. When did we stop learning manners? Are we training our people to be used to leaving trash around on the ground? It’s disrespectful to your property and illustrates potential issues and casualness in other areas of the business. If there’s a lack in excellence in one area, there’s likely a lack of excellence in another area.

KIRK Electric doesn’t stand for this kind of behavior from an electrician Tupelo MS in our company. If we saw our guys leaving trash, cigarette buds and dirty workspaces, they would receive some ridicule and reprimand. It’s unacceptable!


10 Year Labor Warranties

What’s really exciting about working with an electrician Tupelo MS from KIRK Electric is that you get to enjoy a 10 year labor warranty on our work. That’s pretty incredible. That means the company is willing to back their work for up to ten years of time. Most electricians don’t have the boldness that our company does to make this proclamation and actually back it up!


Crystal Clear Communication

This is super important for any customer of ours. From the first moment you interact with us, to the time that we send out our electrician Tupelo MS, you need to know that we’ve clearly communicated each step along the way. Communication is pivotal for anything in life. Your relationships, your excellence at work and your own personal enjoyment of life is heavily based on the words you speak or don’t speak. When there isn’t accurate, frequent communication taking place, this causes trouble.

So on the 1st phone call, we have our team member do a great job following the proven script, gathering all the necessary information and then booking you as quickly as possible with a technician of ours. The technician then arrives on time (which is actually a shocking thing in contracting), and greets you with joy. They build rapport with you so that you actually trust and like them. Then they inspect the issue and provide you with an accurate price and expectation of how long the work should take. Once you see that these details our team expresses are true, you’ll be thrilled you called us.


Pre-Qualified Financing

We also provide financing through Interbank! Financing is a great option for most people, because most people don’t save their finances. It’s been studied over and over again that over half the population couldn’t cover replacing their tires if necessary! When a serious issue happens with your electrical wiring or your heating and air conditioning needs a brand new unit, that takes money. This is why our financing through Interbank helps folks like yourself not be stressed out of their mind working with us.


Military Discounts

We love our military veterans and the sacrifice they made to service our contractor. To clearly show this appreciation, we provide a discount to our veterans on our service. For more details about the discount, just go ahead and give us a call today!


100% Customer Satisfaction

To sum up all of these great reasons to choose KIRK Electric, it all boils down to customer satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with the work, then we aren’t going to be receiving your calls anytime soon. Our objective as a company is to ensure that you want to work with us for the entirety of your stay in Tupelo and the surrounding area. We’d love to hear from you!