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Benefits of Using a Great HVAC Tupelo MS Technician

I’m sure you can imagine that using a great HVAC Tupelo MS company would be a greater decision for you than using a good or even average heating and air conditioning company. What you may not know is why some heating and air contractors do that makes them stand out versus the other companies. I mean really, what makes one company stand out from the other guys and gals? You can find out some specifics about why KIRK Electric stands out from the crowd, but let’s go into just a couple problems you could find with choosing the wrong contractor.


Slow Response and Service

Do you realize how common it is for a company to simply miss your phone calls? It’s a common occurrence for customers to have to call several companies on Google before they finally nail down a contractor that’s actually great at what they do. The first guy that responds and books an appointment with you may not be the best fit though. You can schedule an appointment and the technician shows up an hour late for the call. How annoying is that? Please avoid these companies at all costs.


Ridiculous, Surprising Prices

Contractors have a tendency to rip people apart with their prices. The prices some contractors give are just ridiculous and unmerited. When you hear about the prices some companies give, and then you look them up to find barely any reviews about their business, it’s disheartening. You can’t verify anywhere that this company actually does a good job. So when you hear that a simple fix that takes 5 minutes will cost you multiple hundreds of dollars, you scratch your head wondering how it could be that much.

Granted, companies who do a fabulous job and do have great reviews should charge a premium price. They are deserving of that price because they are a premium option! Another annoying thing though is when a contractor tells you a price over the phone, and then decides to bump it up a few hundred dollars because of “unforeseen circumstances.”

This is why it’s important to work with KIRK Electric as your premium HVAC Tupelo MS contractor. Schedule a time to work with our team today or give us a call for any of your issues regarding heating and air conditioning work.

Why is Continual Maintenance Important?

As part of our services, our HVAC Tupelo MS contractors would like to provide you a maintenance program. You can either decide to have our team come out to your property every year or two times per year. The reason why we, and any sensible heating and cooling technician would offer maintenance agreements, is because you get to keep your HVAC units intact and survive longer than before.

Wear and tear happens with any system. Homes deteriorate and need to be repaired. Roofs absorb the damage done by rain, hail and debris all the time. At some point, roofs need to be replaced and repaired. Your coffee machine needs to be replaced because it’s finally on its last legs and can’t seem to make another pot of coffee for you. Your heating and air conditioning units are no different. You will need to replace these machines at some point in the life of your home. Based on how well maintained the machine is determines how effective the machine will operate. Without any maintenance or check ups, in the middle of Mississippi, good luck having that things survive for 5 years.

With service calls, you can get guys to come up and do tuneups and repairs as needed, but you’re only providing bandaids to the problem. The affordable, long-term solution is to sign on to a service agreement! By spending only a couple hundred dollars per year, you get one of our HVAC Tupelo MS technicians to visit your home, do their inspection and give the thumbs up on the machine. By doing this, we know that your heating and air conditioning units will last twice as long!


Take Advantage of Our Maintenance Programs!

With KIRK Electric, become a premier customer of ours by utilizing our maintenance program. For either annual appointments or for every six months, you’ll get set up to receive many incentives for the program. From 10% discounts for any service calls to priority scheduling to annual checks to make sure your systems are good to go, your home can run as smooth as butter! See the details here:

Eletricians Tupelo Ms Maintenance Programs

HVAC Tupelo MS Residential Repairs and Replacements

As part of our services, we’ll obviously come out and do any home repairs or replacements of your heating and air conditioning units. Just give us a call and we’ll come out as soon as we can. This is oftentimes on the same day! We know how crucial it is to visit your problem right when it occurs. You wouldn’t want to sit around and wait for a HVAC Tupelo MS company to finally make it to your hot and sweaty home three days later right? You need someone now!

While we may be very busy dealing with customers who have their own heating and cooling problems, please have the confidence to know that we won’t leave you hanging on your work.


HVAC Tupelo MS Commercial Repairs and Replacements

For any restaurants or commercial office buildings that need a reliable heating and AC contractor, we’ll happily be your team! We’ve worked with offices and restaurants in the past and we’ll be thrilled to do this great work for you. In your office space, you have employees and customers coming in on a regular basis that need the space to be at a great temperature. It would really irritate your staff if they had to work through the dreadful heat of Mississippi summers. It also gets a little cold as well and you’ll need your heating units to actually work. For restaurants, your customers won’t be coming back to your restaurant if the air conditioning goes out! It’s important to have a contractor on call to help you out when you need it most.


HVAC Tupelo MS Furnace Repair and Replacement

A common task that our team will do includes furnace tuneups, replacements and repairs. Your heating systems and any AC system needs tuneups. Your furnaces need to be checked out because it could be lacking in essential materials. Everything in a heating and air systems wears out, which is why you should simply call KIRK Electric to take advantage of their excellent service.


Beware of Cracked Heat Exchangers

We’ve found this issue to happen all the time with our clients. Once the heat exchangers get cracked, it leads to gas going into your home that affects your air quality in the home and leads to respiratory damage. It’s even worse if it’s during the evening while you’re sleeping. During Our Fall Maintenance Agreements and Tuneups, our team is trained to actually inspect for these details! This is another reason why our maintenance programs are so helpful!

If you need anything taken care of today for heating and air work or electrical work, schedule a call with us today!