Why a Reliable Electrician Tupelo MS is Important

Everybody needs a good electrician! If you own property, live in a rental space or work somewhere you need lights and power, you have to have electricians. Do you really want to invest the time to learn how to wire and fix electrical problems? This task takes people four years of schooling and on-the-job training to get good at this skill. Even after that, many electricians need years and years of experience with various environments for electrical fixes. Just like the master of any skill, whether it be tennis, trumpet or running a restaurant, it takes years upon years to become a master at the work.

This is why hiring KIRK Electric is such a good idea for your business. We’ve been in this business for decades now and have Glenn, our fearless leader, heading up the electrician Tupelo MS squad. We know that we’ll do a great job for you. But for your information, we’ve detailed just a few items that we take care of as electricians.


Standby or Portable Generator Installations

In torrential downpours and stormy weather, you’ll need your electrical power to stay on all the time. You wouldn’t want your electricity to power down and you lose power and your food goes bad in the fridge. An electrician Tupelo MS from KIRK Electric can set up a generator that works excellently for your home or office space. You can also set up portable generators for your RV or any kind of camping expedition. Know that you’ve got yourself covered from whatever Mother Nature throws at you!


Surge Protection

When you call an electrician Tupelo MS, it’s important to have surge protection in your electrical systems. Electrical currents ebb and flow and there will be times, especially during a lightning storm, that your electricity will be at risk of overheating and burning out. Wiring will be ruined, panels will need to be replaced and too much power can cost a lot of money. This is why you install surge protection so your appliances don’t die on you!

Aluminum Wiring Replacement and Repair

If you are looking to move around lighting or move around outlets in your home, the replacement and rewiring in your home is what it takes. Instead of calling a handyman, who hopefully has experience doing this work, call an electrician Tupelo MS from KIRK Electric to be your proven, professional guide.


Underground Service Upgrades or Installation

Have underground space to your home? Or for your commercial space, do you have underground storage spaces? We can be the electricians to help you out!


Ceiling Fan Replacement and Repair

Ceiling fans are a very typical thing for an electrician Tupelo MS to fix. While it’s typical, that doesn’t mean every single electrician is actually going to do a good job. It’s oftentimes in the “easy” jobs where technicians can slack off and fail to concentrate on the details. We like to use the words of Tim Redmond, where he says, “Casualness creates casualties.”

If you are casual with the small things, the impact can still be very negative. Once you grow and build up to larger tasks, you’ll miss great details that end up leaving casualties. In electrical work, that can very much be the case! So with the installation of ceiling fans, the fixing of light switches and any other “small” task, know that KIRK Electric has this focused mindset for anything we do.


Equipment Hook-ups and Circuits

You need hookups available in order to utilize great equipment and tools. For many tools and equipment, they require specific outlets and switches to bring the appropriate amount of power to the machinery. Utilize an electrician Tupelo MS from KIRK Electric to help you install the right circuits, switches, outlets and connections to get you the electricity you need to succeed!


Panel Replacement and Repairs

The panel is the main hard drive of the electricity in your home. It’s the central unit that helps direct the power to the appropriate places in your home or in your commercial office space. So whenever a panel goes down, that leads to some big issues. Panel replacements are no joke and you need a qualified, trustworthy electrician Tupelo MS to actually give you the correct recommendations and efficient installation so that you aren’t without power for too long!


A/C and Heating Circuits

We provide heating and air conditioning work, but in order to make sure those systems work, you’ve still go to get power over to those units! Schedule a time with KIRK Electric and we’ll happily make sure your HVAC units are properly connected and functioning well in those hot and heavy summers in Mississippi.

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance

Commercial offices, restaurants and industrial plants need their electrical systems to be maintained as well! They need a great team of people to come by at least once a year to audit the property. Industrial plants and commercial businesses can’t afford to be shut down for any amount of time. Lost time and power is lost money! So work with KIRK Electric because we’ll care about making sure you absolutely have consistent power to maintain your work.


Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Do you have that one light in your parking lot that’s out? Or maybe you have on your business sign a light that’s out and needs to be fixed? KIRK Electric actually does have experience getting up to those large lights and fixing or replacing the lighting so that it’s not dangerous to be in a parking lot.


Remodels and Room Additions

Your home during remodels needs a good electrician Tupelo MS to provide quality work and services. What general contractors hate is another contractor that is slow with their work and isn’t scheduled with their time. You’ll find that with our team, we keep ourselves together and get the job done.

  • Fuse and Breaker Replacements
  • Phone and Computer Wiring
  • Security Lighting
  • Load Analysis
  • Machine Shop Wiring
  • Kitchen Appliance Circuits
  • New Construction
  • Light Fixture Replacements or Installation
  • Mobile Home Wiring
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tenant Build-Outs
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs


As you can see above, there’s plenty of other work that we can fulfill for you. For an all-purpose electrical company, it’s time you worked with us at KIRK Electric. Why wait!?