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Also if you have dealt with many in the past where he get some response in service then you needed to throw that terrible contractor out of your mind and go with the new company. Like us here Kirk electric we are always the America Tupelo electricians that will never allow slow response times are slow service. It’s all about making sure that we never have slow response time significant appointment scheduled for technicians and never have to wait so that you avoid having to Jesus and all. So call us today because we will never get never give leaders ridiculous or surprising prices.

It’s all about making sure that were very upfront as well as transparent with the prices that we give our customers. We never want you to feel caught off guard with. That’s why we want to make sure that when the exit tells the problem or we at least come out for service, we identified a problem we can say okay this is really how much is gonna cost without doing all the work and in surprising you with a large bill at the end. So when you hear or you’re wanting to have a simple fix that maybe takes five minutes you don’t when you really don’t want to be paid hundred dollars out-of-pocket. That is ridiculous.

You as a customer deftly deserve better than having to pay ridiculous pricing. Not just about you paying a lot for great quality job without getting the quality as well as the quantity for a great price so that you do not have to go anywhere else or have to deal with unforeseen circumstances that you do not plan for the pay chunk of money for. So call 662-401-6906 or 662-401-5112 at their www.kirkelectricllc.com to be able to learn more about to below electricians like us here at Kirk Electricity LLC. Choose us as your Tupelo Electricians.

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Where Should You Go To Find Our Tupelo Electricians?

Schedule time for a team to come up to visit your home or your business today. Because we are the premier Tupelo electricians that people can trust. Is going with an average or run-of-the-mill Mississippi contractor to take care of your electrical or HVAC needs trust the best. Because we are the best for reasonably continue to surpass everybody’s expectations that’s why tow is important to write always have someone to call especially as someone like us that actually can tell you and sell you on our maintenance program we can actually get regular checks. On your unit and your electrical systems.

So you looking for parts of service or maybe you’re looking to possibly invest in the maintenance program we can ask to make sure you have regular checks each year as well as getting priority scheduling if you need it then you can turn to cook electric LLC. The premier Tupelo electricians of choice. Possibly but to be able to tell you more about the sensible and cooling looking and cooling technician where we can actually offer your maintenance agreement where you can ask a check on your HVAC units as well as make sure it’s intact and make it survive longer than it should. You live in an older home and never really hurts be able to be part of our maintenance program.

We cannot our technicians can regularly come up for tuneups and repairs if they needed and as well as not just providing a Band-Aid to the problem. It’s all about making sure that we can provide you affordable long-term solutions to Allied field have a service agreement where you can actually only pay a certain amount every year for inspections as well as give a thumbs up on the machine to make sure everything is running perfectly for you. Also, more information if you want to know more about our maintenance program is also take advantage of what is all included.

Some of the services you receive when you actually sign up and utilize our maintenance program is that you actually get twice your checks to check for electrical connections check your safety controls thermostat calibration family tightness lubricate your fan motor as well as measure amp draw and even check your airflow that’s twice a year. Then during the summer we will clean your condenser we will check your evaporator coil we will check your refrigerant lines and we will also check the start and run capacitors as well as check the start and run relays and also check the refrigerant levels as well as the Transcendent drain.

And during the wintertime is here for the Tupelo electricians will do for me when he Senate for maintenance program you will always for renter we will clean the burners particular carbon monoxide check will check for proper venting we will also check the manifold pressure and was also check service valves and also check your exchanger/chamber. So that when you have the benefits of it you can actually get 10% discounts on repairs as well as no overtime rates and we can save you money through energy and also I give you an automatic reminder of next services as well as extend the life of your equipment. So call 662-401-6906 or 662-401-5112 ago to www.kirkelectricllc.com to learn more about our maintenance program.