About Us

Kirk Electric LLC is a family owned and operated electrical and HVAC business that was founded and started by Wesley Glenn Kuykendall in 2003. After switching professions to become one of the electrician Tupelo MS team members of a company in 2001, from driving a Pepsi Truck to becoming an electrician’s helper; he had worked for local commercial electrical contractors for 2 years to get his feet wet and learn the trade. While working for other contractors he realized while there are ample commercial contractors in the city of Tupelo; the area was really lacking and in need of residential electricians. After those 2 years were up he had felt that he learned enough to go out on his own and become his own boss.

With the hopes of building a reputable company that can last and stand the test of time, compared to other electricians Tupelo MS, Glenn always had his sights set on the future. He had envisioned not only a place where he could become self-employed but a place where his children and future family could work for generations to come. Since then, there has been 3 generations of Kuykendall’s to have worked for Kirk Electric. By making this a family run business we have assured our customers of North East Mississippi that we are not going anywhere and will be here to provide service for the homeowners and businesses for years to come.

After running a successful group of electrician Tupelo MS for 10 years, Glenn had been hearing the people of Tupelo ask him who he recommended for air conditioning work and their complaints of overpriced installs. Glenn knew that there was more that he had to offer to the residents of Tupelo and the surrounding areas. So in 2010 he decided to go back to school so that he could expand the business. He started taking night classes for HVAC at ICC in Belden. Since earning his Associate’s degree in HVAC, he has seen his oldest son Corey return from the service and pursue a degree in HVAC and also his youngest son Blade.

Since starting the HVAC side of the business, Glenn has watched it grow from a small, repair only contractor to now being a full-service intricate business that can accommodate the every day needs of our customers. Ranging from service to maintenance and installs we have grown and become one of the leading go to HVAC contractors for North East Mississippi. By offering further education to our technicians and installers we make sure that we stay up to date on the latest technology so that we can offer our customers the best system for their money. We look forward to continuing to provide the best service for the residents of Tupelo and the surrounding areas for years to come.

Core Values of KIRK Electric

It’s important for customers to know what a business’s core values are. Whatever a company prioritizes (or at least says they prioritize), should be demonstrated very clearly in their business practices. If it’s not apparent that your electrician Tupelo MS is doing what they say they will do with their core values, that it’s time to kick them to the curb and choose us!



First and foremost, this is exactly what we’re talking about. When you find that an electrician Tupelo MS isn’t doing what they proclaim to do, this is a direct problem with their integrity. By a contractor not clearly illustrating integrity with their work and with their communication, they become a wild card. It becomes unpredictable whether the work they do will actually be good or not. You won’t have confidence that their team will actually show up on time or that they legitimately do have great experience in this field.

KIRK Electric has worked in the Tupelo area for a reason. Our work has stood the test of time because we do prioritize integrity as a key priority in our business. This is why we continually get repeat calls. This is why we’ve stayed in business for almost 20 years. Most businesses fail after 10 years in business. We’ve survived and built a good family team to execute great work in Tupelo.



One of the great reasons why people continue to call us is because our team does a great job at communicating. For one thing, we’ll actually answer your calls. It’s unbelievable how many times we hear that customers called several electrician Tupelo MS companies and we were the only ones that answered. How can these businesses stay in business by constantly missing people’s calls? Every call counts with our organization and that’s why we do our very best to ensure that your response time is very quick.

On top of this, when an electrician Tupelo MS from KIRK Electric goes to your home, you’ll be communicated the clear expectations about the work. There aren’t any heavy sales pitches or hard selling going on with our group. We know many companies get a bad wrap for this. That’s why our major concern is simply communicating what you can realistically expect with our company. We’ll even overestimate the timeframe for something getting done and often overdeliver by getting done faster than expected.

There are hidden things that can come about on service work or larger installations. This is why before we give any prices over the phone for work, we need to look at the situation in person and then determine what the damage control is. This gives you a much more official idea of what the costs will look like, rather than a “guesstimated” price.


Customer Service

All of these topics revolve around an electrician Tupelo MS demonstrating good customer service. There’s plenty more specific reasons you’ll find about working with our company on our Why Us page, but have confidence that our team does a great job at customer service. Look up our reviews online and give us a call about your problem! We’ll be attentive to your issue and will provide you with options to solve the problem within your budget.